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Live: Emmanuel Macron elected French president with 65.1% of the vote

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With polls now closed across the country, centrist Emmanuel Macron has been elected French President with an estimated 65.1 % of the vote, with his rival, far-right Marine Le Pen, taking 34.9%. Follow FRANCE 24’s live blog below for the latest news.

  • Voting stations opened at 8am (6am GMT) in mainland France Sunday, and most close at 7pm, with those in some large cities remaining open until 8pm. Voters overseas began voting Saturday.
  • A first estimate of the results will be published around 8pm.
  • Official turnout figures have been lower than in the April 23 first round. The noon turnout was 28.2%, slightly less than the 28.5% in the first round. At 5pm, the turnout was 65.3%, lower than the 69.4% at the same time on April 23. 
  • It is a historic election by several measures: both candidates are from parties outside the political mainstream. It follows an unprecedented campaign marked by scandal and repeated surprises.
  • If elected, Macron, 39, would be the youngest president of France's Fifth Republic. Marine Le Pen, 48, would be the first female president.
  • France's 47 million voters will choose between radically different platforms: the free-trade, pro-EU policies of Macron's En Marche! (Forward!) party, and the protectionist nationalism of Le Pen's National Front.
  • French law prohibits French media from quoting the presidential candidates or their supporters until polls close at 8pm Sunday.


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