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Macron hits back at tax-haven 'lies' after stormy TV debate with Le Pen

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French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is to take legal action over claims that he has a secret account in the Bahamas after his rival Marine Le Pen referred to the rumour in Wednesday evening's televised debate. During a rough-and-tumble TV face-off, the far-right candidate alluded to accusations that Macron's supporters say started on Twitter in the US and spread to France via Russia.

"I hope we don't learn that you have an offshore account in the Bahamas," Le Pen declared towards the end of a debate that was judged to be of an "unprecedented brutality"Macron on Thursday denied having any such account and accused the far-right candidate and her National Front (FN) of spreading lies and fake news, "some of them linked to Russian interests".

He filed a case against person or persons unknown for spreading fraudulent rumours and his campaign team has threatened to sue anyone who "repeats this false information" for libel.

According to his campaign team the rumour originated with supporters of US President Donald Trump and spread to Russia via Twitter before spreading to French social media shortly before the debate.

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